Dr. Castel Santana's Best Vitamins for Over 50

Dr. Castel Santana's Best Vitamins for Over 50

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When you give your body the optimal nutrition it craves, you’ll be shocked at how young you can feel. That's why vitamins and essential nutrients matter so much! So many people – under 50, too – live with vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

There’s so much information – and misinformation – about what you should or shouldn’t eat, or what foods are good and what foods are bad – it’s hard to tell the facts from the old wives’ tales sometimes. That’s why the L’Evate You Science Team includes people of science you can trust. 

Dr. Castel Santana – call him Dr. Cas – is a general physician practicing Integrative Medicine. Dedicating his career to improving his patients’ lives, Dr. Cas brings together natural products and pharmaceuticals to provide the outstanding care his patients deserve. One of those patients is Steve Harvey himself!

Dr. Cas spills his top picks for essential vitamins in this short video to help bodies feel their best! 






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