The L’Evate You Story

For years, I had been struggling to keep the energy up needed for my busy schedule. I felt like I was on the sidelines of my life. Not in the game of life. I was struggling with a lack of energy, gut issues, brain fog, and just not feeling right in my own body.

Thanks to my personal health team, they discovered the root cause of my issues started in my cells. Yes, you read that right! My cells. As we age, our cells become damaged, specifically the mitochondria in our cells. These little things are the energy centers or batteries of our cells. Just like when a car’s battery starts to rust, the same thing happens to the mitochondria. This so-called rust damages the mitochondria in our cells and causes loss of energy, gut issues, signs of aging, and so much more. How does this damage happen? Well, to name a few things– the standard American diet, aging, and toxins.

Now, I’m on a mission: to make better health accessible to all, without a prescription. My personal health team created powerful greens powders with a game-changing complex called M-Charge. This complex contains 4 miracle molecules, as I like to call them, that essentially recharge my mitochondria and get them working again. After experiencing L’Evate You, I finally feel better. My best. And I’m no longer on the sidelines of my life and back in the game.

No matter where you are in your health journey, L’Evate You is for you. It’s the tool you need in your toolkit to keep your energy up, be your best self, and feel recharged to do what matters most to you.

Welcome to the L’Evate You community!

- Steve Harvey

Meet the Science Team

They say teamwork makes the dream work. 

This holds true with bringing to life L’Evate You. Let’s introduce you to L’Evate You’s stellar science team – Dr. Castel Santana, Dr. Basheerah Ahmad, and John Lyon. They’re the brains behind the science of L’Evate You and are also a part of Mr. Harvey’s personal health and wellness team.

Functional Family Medicine Doctor + Mr. Harvey’s Doctor

Dr. Castel Santana, MD

What do you get when you blend the best of integrative and functional medicine that focuses on whole body wellness? Dr. Castel Santana. He is a part of Mr. Harvey’s personal wellness team and has a medical degree from American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. He completed his residency at University of Maryland Family Medicine and is board-certified through the American Board of Family Medicine. He is also certified in Functional Medicine through the IFM.

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Holistic Health Expert + Mr. Harvey’s Nutritionist 

Dr. Basheerah Ahmad, PhD

With a passion for helping others achieve their goals and be their best selves, Dr. Basheerah Ahmad (Dr. B) is a sought-after International Health & Wellness Expert and is a part of Mr. Harvey’s personal wellness team. She holds a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a MS in Exercise Science. She is also the creator of exercise and nutrition programs such as The Fit Mogul, 360 Transformation (360T) and the 4321 Nutrition Plan.

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Sr. Director of Product Development

John Lyon, M.S.

John Lyon, M.S., is the Senior Director of Product Development at L'Evate You and is on Mr. Harvey's personal wellness team. With over 11+ years of exceptional experience in developing health and wellness products from concept through launch, he is the mastermind behind L'Evate You's products. John has a bachelor's degree in Neuroscience at Harvard, master's degree from Wake Forest University School of Divinity, and is certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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