How To Use Greens Powder: 7 Tips for Maximizing the Benefits

How To Use Greens Powder: 7 Tips for Maximizing the Benefits

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You did it. You finally invested in yourself and your health and bought a greens powder. You’ve taken a small step that will pay massive dividends into your long-term wellness, but there’s just one problem: what on earth do you do with a greens powder besides drink it? 

You’re in the right place. At L’Evate You, we’re happy to educate you on the health benefits of greens powders and the many ways you can incorporate them into your diet and lifestyle. 

We’ll give you seven tips to help you maximize your powder’s potential and enjoy your daily superfood even more than you already do.

What Are the Benefits of Greens Powders?

Maybe you purchased an organic greens powder on a whim and aren’t sure about what’s inside — from digestive enzymes to alfalfa grass to adaptogens, it can be confusing to make sense of all the ingredients. 

There are so many benefits it’s hard to cover them all, but we’ll give you the abridged version here. If you want a deeper dive, check out our in-depth guide about the benefits (both near-term and long-term) of greens powders.


By now, you’re probably familiar with the term “free radical.” You know you want to avoid them and know that antioxidants are key, but maybe you aren’t sure how that works inside the body. 

Free radicals are molecules that can damage your healthy cells. When we’re exposed to external stressors like the sun, cigarette smoke, and pollution, free radicals are released that attack our cells and damage their DNA

To protect our cells, we need antioxidants. These molecules support our cells during exposure to free radicals. Greens powders are naturally packed with antioxidants because the greens inside them are full of natural antioxidant sources, like vitamin C and vitamin A. 

Clean Fuel

As we age, our energy stores begin to decline. The reason? It’s in our cells. 

The mitochondria inside our cells that act like batteries begin to slow down. When the mitochondria slow down, cellular processes slow down. That results in a trickle-down effect of bodily processes slowing and entire systems experiencing less function than when we were younger. 

The fact that you need an extra cup of coffee could mean you’re experiencing this natural decline. The ingredients in your greens powder can offer a solution. L’Evate You Vitality Daily Greens contains a proprietary blend of powerhouse ingredients to support mitochondrial function. 

Our M-Charge complex includes ingredients that help you power through your day and even help you recover faster after you exercise. 

Digestive Health

Digestion issues usually start in the 40s. You can’t seem to eat the same things you used to without paying a price. Indigestion, bloating, and constipation are common. Including probiotics and prebiotics in greens powders can help support your digestive tract. 

Probiotics help protect the healthy population of gut flora, while prebiotics feed them to keep them strong. 

Better Health Markers

Each year your blood work seems to tell your secrets. An unhealthy diet, poor sleep patterns, and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to high cholesterol numbers, unhealthy blood pressure, and issues with your blood sugar. 

The ingredients in greens powders promote overall wellness, and coupled with dietary and physical activity changes, you can reduce your risk of developing problems with these health markers.

L’Evate You Vitality Daily Greens contains a specialized blend of mushrooms that help support healthy levels of cholesterol and sodium as well as your immune system and overall wellness. 

What Veggies Are in Greens Powders?

It’s a greens powder, so you know it’s packed with vegetables. The great thing about getting your veggies in this powdered form is you get vegetables that were harvested at peak ripeness and prepared carefully, leaving all the fiber, nutrients, and minerals intact. 

You also get access to a rich vegetable blend you probably wouldn’t normally buy at the supermarket. Honestly, when was the last time you intentionally purchased spirulina? Inside L’Evate You Vitality Daily Greens Powders, you’ll find an array of green veggies and a few non-green veggies for maximum health benefits. 

  • L’Evate You’s green vegetable blend includes organic wheatgrass, barley grass, spinach, kale, spirulina, broccoli, celery, chlorella, and alfalfa leaf. 
  • L’Evate You’s Digestive Blend includes inulin, apple pectin, slippery elm bark, alpha amylase, cellulase, lipase, protease, and Bacillus Subtilis DE111®.

In addition, you’ll also get a blend of mushrooms, wild blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, bilberry, strawberry, and grape seed extract to help boost the antioxidant power of our powder.

Now that you’re more familiar with the benefits of this super powder and what’s inside, let’s talk about the ways you can maximize your benefits.

How Can You Maximize the Benefits of Greens Powders?

Using a greens powder is like going to the gym; you don’t see results overnight. It takes consistency and a commitment to your health to maximize the results you’ll get from using a greens powder daily. You can do it, and you can use this dietary supplement to increase your energy levels, improve your gut health, and enjoy an overall feeling of total wellness. 

Be Consistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your wellness. Improving your health is a journey, and consistency is key. 

When you feel like giving up on a healthy diet and skipping your greens powder, remember this is an investment in yourself, and you deserve the benefits.

Manage Your Stress

Stress isn’t just hard on your mind; it’s also hard on your body. It’s linked with an increase in blood pressure and a higher risk of heart disease. 

Finding healthy ways to manage stress is an important part of your total wellness. Yoga, meditation, exercise, therapy, and spending time with loved ones are all options that give you an outlet to reduce stress and enjoy life more. 

Optimize Your Diet

Most of us aren’t eating a nutrient-dense diet. The American diet is low in nutrients and heavy in sodium, sugar, and trans fats. Using a super greens powder is a great first step in leveling up your diet, but it’s part of a bigger puzzle. 

Instead of approaching a new diet as a list of items you can’t eat, approach it as a means of packing in the nutrition your body needs to thrive. Switching your mindset as you approach food can help you view it with new eyes. “Is this food good for my body,” instead of “I shouldn’t eat this because it has too many calories,” can help you make small changes in your diet that lead to big results. 

Coupled with the benefits of your greens powder supplement, you’ll notice an unprecedented increase in your overall well-being and health as you reframe your diet. 

Get Enough Sleep and Exercise

Sleep and exercise are two important facets of your health journey. Not getting enough sleep can lead to exhaustion, stress, emotional imbalance, and even higher cortisol levels that can lead to weight gain. Most people need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, depending ontheirr activity levels. 

Exercise is also key to living a healthy life and increasing your longevity. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice family time and hang out in gym locker rooms. It simply means you look for creative ways to move your body. Taking a walk, going for a swim, doing some push-ups, or signing up for a yoga class are all ways to begin an exercise program. 

Although we’re all busy and finding time to exercise might be hard, try to avoid exercising within three to four hours before you want to go to bed. Exercise stimulates your body and mind and can interfere with your sleep cycle. 

How Can You Consistently Use Greens Powders?

Maximizing your green superfood powders takes a little finesse. Lucky for you, we’ve been finding creative ways to add our powders into our daily diets and routines, and we’re happy to share how to do it. Of course, mixing with water is always a fast and delicious option when you’re on the go. 

Make Green Breakfast Smoothies

We promise, you’ll love a green smoothie. 

Mixing L’Evate You’s Vitality Daily Greens in chocolate flavor with a banana and a milk of your choice makes a quick, easy, delicious, and nutrient-dense recipe you’ll enjoy. 

Add them to Salad Dressings

Yes, you can even add them to salad dressings. Dress up your traditional vinegar and oil with a little greens powder for an extra dose of whole food nutrition. L’Evate You offers three flavors, including Tart Cherry, which can complement a leafy green salad easily. 

Whip Up Some Veggie Omelets

If your definition of the best greensise greens you don’t have to taste, try mixing them into your morning omelet. Mixing in your greens powder with eggs and creating an omelet is a stealth move that helps you get all the greens benefits without even realizing you’re getting them. 

You can also sprinkle your greens powder over oats, place them in your protein powder, or mix them in your favorite beverage, like green tea or chai. 

The Bottom Line

Greens powders help fill in dietary gaps that might be causing you to feel less than optimal. They are ripe with benefits that help every aspect of your body, including digestion, energy, immunity, and common health markers like cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Using greens powders works best when you are consistent. Use them every day and make small changes to your diet and exercise plan to help maximize the benefits you see. Be patient. Changes that are worth having take time, and you’ll notice the benefits of your new approach to health gradually. 

If you’re out of creative ways to add your greens powder to your daily routine, check back often. We’re always coming up with new ways to use our greens powders to help you elevate your life and feel better. 


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