Everything To Know About Steve Harvey's Health Journey

Everything To Know About Steve Harvey's Health Journey

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When you look at an inspirational figure like Steve Harvey, you might not realize they have their own struggles and frustrations to address. Like many of us, Steve Harvey struggled to find the right answers for building healthy and sustainable habits. However, his perseverance and motivation paid off.

Now, at 66 years old, Steve Harvey’s health is near its peak. By diving into Steve Harvey’s health journey, we can learn more about the positive choices he made and how they can help us, too.

What Kickstarted Steve Harvey’s Health Journey?

Steve Harvey’s health journey started a bit slow. After all, when someone hosts multiple shows and podcasts, who has time to prioritize their health? 

But after Steve noticed a few negative signs in his health, he realized he needed to make a change. He became tired of going through the motions and feeling like he was missing something. He also noticed that his suits weren’t fitting the same way, and he was holding onto extra pounds he seriously wanted to shed.

On top of it all, Steve wanted to be in his best health for his grandkids. He will tell you himself that they are one of his biggest motivators to maintain good health. After he realized how difficult it was for him to get out of a bean bag chair when playing a game with his grandkids, he committed to making fundamental changes to his health.

He started to take small steps to improve his health, trying fad diets and exercise routines. But those didn’t produce the results he was looking for, so he kept searching for an answer.

Eventually, things started to click. From there, he made significant changes, transforming his diet and incorporating exercise into his schedule. 

What Health Struggles Did Steve Notice First?

Like any of us, Steve’s health journey wasn’t exactly straightforward. He dealt with ups and downs for years before recognizing that it was time to change his approach and begin taking real action in his health journey. 

Steve Harvey started to realize that his health wasn’t at its best when he noticed these three key struggles.

Low Energy

Energy levels are crucial for a man who does everything from running Family Feud to hosting the Oscars. During his health struggles, Steve Harvey noticed that he frequently experienced tiredness and low motivation, which he described as “living in the body of an old man.” Realizing just how much his energy had dwindled, Steve recognized that he needed to make a change.


Steve Harvey felt like he struggled to keep up with his daily schedule and was disappointed that he couldn’t keep up when playing with his grandkids. This tiredness often included brain fog, which affected his ability to concentrate throughout his day-to-day. Even Marjorie Harvey, Steve’s wife, noticed that Steve wasn’t himself — but she didn’t know how to help.


If you saw Steve in the gym today, you would never guess that weakness was ever an issue for him. However, at the peak of his health struggles, Steve felt weak and lethargic throughout most of his day. This weakness led to a lack of motivation, making it harder for him to run from studio to stage. 

What Were the First Steps Steve Took Toward a Healthier Life?

Yes, Steve has had his health struggles, but these struggles motivated him to make a change. Some of the first steps Steve Harvey took in his health journey were cutting out carbs, eating healthier, and adding more exercise into his routine, leading to many health benefits.

Steve has tried plenty of fad diets or trending workout plans, but they never gave him much success. Eventually, though, he discovered a system that worked for him — he found out that taking steps toward a healthier life didn’t have to be complexm and he didn’t have to unearth some hidden secret to achieve wellness.

By building the gym into his daily routine and being more conscious of what he ate, Steve Harvey started to make real progress. He recognized that by taking small but thoughtful steps and staying on track, even after falling off the wagon, he started to make progress. 

But even though he started to feel better, there was still more work to be done. 

What Inspired Steve Harvey To Try a Supplement Regimen?

Despite his healthier lifestyle, Steve Harvey realized he was still not at his best. At that point, he consulted his doctor about the source of his constant fatigue. 

Steve’s doctor informed him that he was dealing with a condition called mitochondrial decline. The mitochondria are an integral part of all of our cells. They’re like battery packs, producing energy for each cell to function properly.

Mitochondrial decline can occur as we age, affecting our mitochondrial function and energy levels. This decline can lead to other health concerns, as well.

Once he had a picture of the problem, Steve Harvey was ready to start tackling it. After learning of his mitochondrial decline, Steve’s doctor recommended that he take multiple supplements to boost his mitochondrial function and support his energy levels. This recommendation put him on the right track, but it was far from the end of his journey. 

What Main Benefits Did Steve Look for in His Supplements?

Supplements can have many valuable benefits when included in a daily routine. However, finding the right supplements is easier said than done. 

Some supplements can be unpleasant, bland, and downright difficult to stomach. Worst of all, many supplements are designed to focus on only one or two nutrients. If you’re trying to raise your intake of multiple supplements, you may find yourself taking a few pills with each meal.

When it came to his supplements, Steve was tired of taking a handful of different pills and powders. After all, Steve has a hectic schedule, so cycling through a long list of supplements wasn’t always feasible. One of the most significant selling points for a supplement is its ability to provide a range of important nutrients, all in one place.

Then, on top of all the nutritional benefits came one more key benefit: taste. If taking a supplement is a miserable experience, it can be hard to build a habit of taking it every day. The last thing Steve Harvey wanted was for his supplements to taste like plain spinach or unpleasant greens.

After building the template for his ideal supplement, Steve consulted with medical experts to start his own brand, leading to the creation of the L’Evate You greens drink

When Did Steve Decide To Start L’Evate You?

Steve decided to start L’Evate You toward the end of 2021, shortly after learning of his mitochondrial decline. 

Steve quickly became tired of the supplement regimen that his doctor recommended for him. As a result, he worked with his health team to build a special supplement designed specifically for supporting mitochondrial health.

He and his team created L’Evate You to support healthy cell function and energy levels from the inside out. The foundation of this formula is a blend of greens high in nutrients like fiber, vitamin K, calcium, and more. Because they are so packed with nutrients, these greens can help support overall health and well-being. 

The L’Evate formula adds to the greens with a mushroom blend, an antioxidant blend, and our proprietary M-Charge Complex. 

In addition to all the incredible nutritional benefits, L’Evate You is anything but boring. The L’Evate You greens drink comes in three easy-to-love flavors: Original, Chocolate, and Tart Cherry. Thanks to the delicious flavor, it wasn’t hard to incorporate this nutritious drink into his daily routine.

Once Steve realized how much of a difference this greens powder made for him, he felt he had to share it with the world. Just as he inspires others from the stage, Steve Harvey’s L’Evate You can inspire others to take charge of their health. 

After all, we’ve all had our challenges trying to build a routine that works. But thanks to this simple yet powerful drink, it’s easier than ever to make small changes to support overall health.

The Bottom Line

Steve Harvey’s health journey is an inspiring one. It can serve as a strong symbol for anyone looking to take on their own health journey and highlight the potential for anyone to succeed. 

And thanks to the help of his personal health team, Steve Harvey was able to develop L’Evate You to support his newfound health and wellness routine.

Fortunately, you can do the same. Explore our collection of Vitality Daily Greens Powders for yourself. With three great flavors and tons of nutrients, keeping up with your health and wellness can be easier than ever.


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