Steve Harvey's Weight Loss Journey: Everything To Know

Steve Harvey's Weight Loss Journey: Everything To Know

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Steve Harvey has been anything but silent about his weight loss journey, and his success speaks for itself. For years, he struggled with finding a diet or lifestyle change that would make a difference. Now at 66 years old, he is in the best shape of his life.

Finally, he has found a system that works for him — and it’s probably not what you expect. He didn’t turn to a miracle solution but instead found a combination of choices that have helped him shed pounds for good. 

If you’re looking for a role model to look up to in your own weight loss journey, look no further than Mr. Harvey himself.

Why Did Steve Harvey Lose Weight?

Between hosting the Steve Harvey Show, Steve TV on Facebook, and NBC’s Family Feud, Mr. Harvey has a crazy schedule. All that running around is enough to burn some calories, but it’s also hard to build healthy habits when you’re moving from talk show to TV show.

With such a busy schedule, the extra pounds made him feel tired and unmotivated. At the same time, he started realizing that he wasn’t happy with how he looked in his suits. The weight gain made him feel tired and exhausted like he was watching his life from the outside.

This unrelenting fatigue gave him the motivation to lose the extra pounds, thanks to instruction from eight-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney. Today he feels better and more energetic as he tackles his schedule each day. This energy is all the product of a thoughtful routine. 

What Was Steve Harvey’s Weight Loss Plan?

You may be expecting some crazy elaborate weight loss secret for how Steve Harvey lost the extra weight he was carrying around. The truth is anything but that. To lose weight, Mr. Harvey simply took three small, simple steps.

Increase Exercise

Exercise is a fundamental part of any sustainable weight loss plan. Losing weight is simple mathematics. 

When we eat food, we consume calories, and when we exercise or power our body, we use calories. When we use more calories than we consume, our bodies start to burn fat for energy.

Steve Harvey started to boost his exercise routine with regular weight-lifting and cardio workouts. Now, he is in the gym daily, and exercise is a staple in his schedule. You can find him in the gym every day running the treadmill, lifting weights, working the battle ropes, and more.

Even so, for Mr. Harvey, exercise isn’t all about losing weight. Yes, it makes a big difference, but it also plays an important role in your overall health. No matter where you are in your health or weight loss journey, you’ll be more than glad to see the impact exercise can have.

Cut the Carbs

Carbohydrates are energy, as they are a key source of calories. But if you’re not using that extra energy, the carbs can get stored as extra weight. With such easy access to carbs in a standard diet, it is easy to overeat them. Bread, pasta, and rice are all significant sources of carbs, and they all taste so good — but they’re also high in calories.

Carbs can be a big obstacle when trying to maintain a low-calorie diet. When he decided it was time to start his path to weight loss, Steve recognized that carbs had too much of a presence in his daily diet. He didn’t push out the carbs entirely, but moderation worked wonders. 

Don’t Try Too Hard

Of all the steps in Steve Harvey’s journey to lose weight, this one might be the most important. For Steve Harvey, trying too hard just never worked. 

He attempted so many rigid trending diets, from the cabbage diet to the grapefruit diet, but none of these strict programs stuck for him. The bottom line is that if you push yourself too hard to lose weight, you will probably burn out and eventually lose motivation.

Hitting the gym for three hours a day and drinking only carrot juice may sound great, but it isn’t realistic long-term. Exercising and eating right can go a long way, and just by leaning into these two pillars, Steve saw incredible progress.

Ultimately, make positive decisions for your health and think carefully about what you eat, and the rest can follow. Nobody’s weight loss journey is going to be a straight line. 

Although it can be frustrating some days, you have to go with the flow and follow the process. If you get discouraged, just remember that Steve did it.

What Are Some Steve Harvey Weight Loss Tips?

Steve Harvey wouldn’t call himself the number one expert on weight loss, but he has been through his own successful weight loss journey, so he does have the wisdom to share. There are a few tips that Steve Harvey would share with anyone looking to make the same changes to their lifestyle. 

Prioritize Nutrition

Your body needs fuel to carry you through the day. More importantly, it needs the right fuel, which is why Steve Harvey strongly advocates for prioritizing nutrition in your daily diet. Your body can thrive by consuming vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your body’s natural processes.

One of the ways that Mr. Harvey has transformed his nutrition has been through his L’Evate You Vitality Daily Greens drinks. Designed by top nutritionists, this daily nutritional supplement provides antioxidants, probiotics, and a powerful mushroom blend to support overall wellness and daily energy.

A simple supplement like this could make a massive difference in helping you support your nutritional goals. Even better, it comes in three great-tasting flavors, so taking it isn’t an added chore. You can give your body this wealth of nutrients in a simple, easy-to-make, and easy-to-enjoy smoothie.

Nutrition means much more than just losing weight — it means feeling better, having more energy, and living a more fulfilling life. By adding more nutrients to his diet, Steve Harvey has kept himself in the gym every day, sustained his hectic schedule, and kept up with his grandkids and daughter, Lori Harvey.

Watch What You Eat

As we said, weight loss is a math equation — spending more calories than you consume equals weight loss. That being said, watching what you eat will be a vital part of any weight loss program. 

Watching what you eat simply means being careful about what you put in your body. It doesn’t mean throwing away all of the foods you enjoy. 

In fact, Steve Harvey is a strong advocate for still eating the things you enjoy. For instance, he loves eating barbecue, and keeping barbecue as an occasional part of his diet helps him maintain healthier, more realistic eating standards.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should chow down on a dozen donuts for your daily breakfast — but it does mean you shouldn’t punish yourself by forgetting them entirely. Being smarter about how you structure your diet can help you build a sustainable diet. 

Find What Works for You

No two people are going to find the same success from the same weight loss routine — that’s just how it goes. Body types, metabolisms, and lifestyle factors all differ from person to person. You can look to others for motivation, but you can’t compare yourself to anyone else in your journey.

Not to mention, we are all motivated by different factors. For example, as much as Steve Harvey loves the gym, he is a big fan of full-body exercises that can be done on the go, like calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, and even running. This just goes to show that you don’t need fancy equipment to build a system that works for you. 

Again, there’s nothing wrong with looking to others for a guide, but it all comes down to what works best for you and your lifestyle. If you don’t find what works for you, you’ll ultimately have a harder time sticking to a weight loss program. 

The Bottom Line

Everyone’s weight loss journey is going to look a little different, but we can all admire Steve Harvey’s path and use it as a source of guidance and motivation. You can learn a lot from Steve Harvey when deciding how to craft a plan that works for you.

Regardless of your health or weight loss goals, we can all benefit from boosting our daily nutrition. To start taking charge of your nutrition, explore L’Evate You’s full collection of products for yourself. If it works for Steve Harvey, it may work for you, too.


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