Steve Harvey's Daily Routine: How He Maintains Health and Energy

Steve Harvey's Daily Routine: How He Maintains Health and Energy

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A daily routine is a foundation for success, and if there’s anyone who has achieved a great deal of success, it’s Steve Harvey. Steve himself would probably admit that his daily routine isn’t perfect, but seeing what he’s accomplished, it’s certainly an excellent place to start.

Above all, Steve focuses on what’s important — making his health, mindset, and energy levels a priority for himself and his family. After all, as Steve says, “health is the foundational ingredient to success.” 

Today we’re diving into Steve Harvey’s daily routine for an inside look at how he maintains his health and energy through it all. 

How Does Steve Harvey Maintain Health and Energy?

One look at Steve Harvey’s daily schedule would be enough to make anyone shudder, but there’s plenty to learn from how he juggles his countless responsibilities — and not only does he handle it, but he keeps a positive attitude while doing so. 

Here’s how he structures his day to keep his health and wellness in check. 

1. Waking Up Early

Steve Harvey starts his day by waking up earlier than most. Steve has explained that he wakes up no later than five o’clock every morning, and he has done this for years. Waking up this early helps him get a jump start on his day and develop a productive mentality — which is crucial for a packed schedule like Steve’s.

For Steve, waking up with a positive attitude is key — and the reason for this traces way back to when he had a mentor who would call him every morning. 

Day after day, Steve would answer the phone not being in the best mindset. When his mentor called him out on it, he decided to change his approach. This change in mindset has stuck with him for years, and he considers it a major part of his success. 

2. Meditation and Prayer

To boost his outlook and motivation in the morning, Steve typically meditates and prays to help provide him with direction for his day, express gratitude, and find motivation. He describes praying as his chance to talk to God and meditating as his chance to listen

Once he’s awake and centered in positivity, he uses that momentum to carry him into making healthy decisions throughout the day.

Steve Harvey’s motivation is one of the main driving forces behind his success. This morning motivation can take many forms, like listening to motivational speeches, watching motivational videos, or even finding a few moments to read something uplifting. Anything that fuels your drive, clears your headspace, and gets you ready for the day is a valid way to kick off your routine.

In today’s world, where social media and TikTok are at the forefront of our spare time, taking the time for morning motivation is more important than ever — it’s the launching pad for a daily schedule that helps you get your stuff done.

3. Gratitude Practice

Expressing gratitude is one of the most foundational parts of Mr. Harvey’s morning routine. He intentionally spends time each day expressing gratitude for the little things. By recognizing all the things that he has, he is able to ground himself and be more accepting of further success.

Steve Harvey lives with this mindset: “When God sees that we’re grateful for the things we have, He gives us more things to be grateful for.”

Staying grateful can not only help support a positive mindset, but it can even have mental and physical health benefits. Staying grateful for what you have can improve your mood and even support your immune system. 

Gratitude doesn’t have to be complex — it can be as simple as calling your friends and family or just taking a moment each day to reflect on what you have rather than what you don’t have. 

4. 30 Minutes of Exercise Daily

Keeping up with all the activities of a daily routine requires staying active with exercise, which is why working out is a consistent part of Steve Harvey’s daily routine. He usually spends about 30 to 45 minutes in the gym each day. 

And you’re not going to find him slacking, either. In the gym, he’s moving ropes, working the exercise bike, and pushing weights to work his muscles and get his heart rate going.

Watch him for a gym session, and you’ll never be able to guess that he’s in his 60s — which only speaks to how well he manages his health. Not only does working out help him keep up with his grandkids, but it also keeps him in tip-top shape. 

5. Balanced Meals 

Even with a great morning routine, rolling out of bed and keeping the momentum going throughout the day can be tough. No matter what your mindset is, what you put in your body matters. 

Having a balanced diet that includes the right foods and nutrients can help fuel your body, support your energy levels, and keep you feeling great. Balanced meals should include a mix of colors and nutrients, with various fruits, vegetables, and protein sources.

Steve understands the importance of balanced meals and nutrition, as he includes fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods in each of his meals each day. He follows what he calls the 80/20 rule — ensuring that 80 percent of the foods in his diet are healthy and “good for you” while 20 percent of the foods in the diet are still foods that he really enjoys. 

Maintaining a balance of both ensures that he can keep a sustainable diet that he actually likes, instead of just hoping to keep up with the latest trending diet. 

6. Consistency With Supplements

Still, building the perfect diet is much easier said than done — especially with so many questionable food choices and products out there. Steve Harvey experienced this challenge firsthand. 

He searched for years for the right way to fuel his body, trying plenty of fad diets with no success. In the end, he decided there had to be a better way — so he created one. 

Steve created L’Evate You to take charge of his health and level up his daily routine. By using L’Evate You consistently, Steve was able to get back in the game rather than just standing on the sidelines of his life. 

L’Evate You’s proprietary M-Charge complex reenergizes your cells and has 30 super foods s and nine powerful greens in each serving to support overall energy levels and maintain the health of your mitochondria, the energy centers of your cells. 

As we get older, mitochondrial function can start to decline. However, a healthy diet may help support healthy mitochondrial function as we age. 

Steve’s favorite supplement is his L’Evate You Vitality Daily Greens Chocolate flavor. Today, Steve continues to include consistent supplements in his diet to support healthy energy levels, and he drinks L’Evate You daily.

7. In Bed by 11 p.m.

Staying energetic is important when you need to spend the day on your feet, like Steve. Of course, a big part of his daily routine is filming his multiple TV shows and recording his radio show — but somehow, he keeps up with it all. 

To stay on top of things, the official Steve Harvey schedule has little room for error. After waking up and hitting the gym, he heads to the studio and takes a few hours to record the Steve Harvey Morning Show and podcast.

Depending on what he’s filming on any given day, he moves from set to set. After his morning show, Steve eats lunch and heads straight to TV show sets for the rest of the day, either to film Family Feud or other projects. After filming in the evening, he takes his 40-minute commute home through Atlanta traffic.

Steve normally finishes his day around 10 p.m. to rest and prepare for the next day, making sure that he is in bed by 11 p.m. every night — keeping this consistent schedule helps Steve stay on top of his health. 

The Bottom Line

Steve Harvey’s daily routine is one we can admire and learn from. Fortunately for us, Steve Harvey has been willing to share part of his daily routine with us, from how he manages his busy schedule to how he takes charge of his health. By creating L’Evate You, Mr. Harvey has given us a chance to take control of our health, as well.

Our daily diets can be filled with toxins and ingredients that weigh us down, so L’Evate You is a refreshing chance to provide your body with lasting nourishment and nutrients instead. L’Evate You is not just an energy drink — it can help support all-day energy with real ingredients like greens and mushroom blends.

It works for Steve, so it can work for you too. Even better, it comes in three delicious flavors. Try L’Evate You Vitality Daily Greens in Chocolate for yourself and start supporting your energy levels.


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