Steve Harvey's Best Style Moments: Suits, Outfits, and More

Steve Harvey's Best Style Moments: Suits, Outfits, and More

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Comedian, motivational speaker, and game-show host — Steve Harvey can seemingly do it all. Then, of course, not to mention the fact that Steve Harvey is also a menswear fashion icon. Between his colorful suits and fresh fits, his best style moments are something to behold.

Whether it’s on the red carpet or at the Oscars, Steve Harvey can pull off the most fashionable looks. Behind the fact that his outfits always look great is the fact that they take an incredible amount of confidence to pull off. 

His ability to take the stage while pushing the limits of conventional fashion can truly serve as an inspiration. That’s why we love to learn more about where this confidence comes from and how it pays off.

Where Did Steve Harvey Get His Style?

With a bold personality comes bold style, and Steve wears both incredibly well, inspiring people worldwide. However, his bold style didn’t come out of nowhere. It was inspired by another fashion icon — a man named Elly Karamoh. 

Karamoh is a Parisian-born stylist and fashion designer who works with Steve Harvey on his style and outfit choices for Family Feud and other public appearances. Karamoh’s style choice screams confidence and creativity, which is clearly seen in Mr. Harvey’s outfits.

In addition to working with Steve Harvey, stylist Elly Karamoh has also had clients like Magic Johnson and Tyler Perry. Over this time, Karamoh has developed a reputation for working with strong and influential Black men who go on to inspire others. But his talents are wide-reaching, as Karamoh has also worked with Steve’s daughter Lori Harvey.

When it comes to Steve Harvey’s looks, Karamoh and Steve’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, are the two biggest influences on his style. Now the three work together to choose the right outfits and style, weighing different suit styles and colors to find a look that pushes the boundaries just far enough.

On top of choosing the right outfits, he has maintained his style by keeping his health and fitness in check too. Part of looking great is feeling great. In recent years, Harvey has shed pounds, which opens the door to more style possibilities and outfit choices.

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What Are Some Steve Harvey Outfit Essentials?

One of the most essential pieces of any Steve Harvey outfit is tailoring. Steve’s wife, Marjorie, has poked fun at him more than once because big, baggy suits used to be his thing. She told him outright, “I’m tired of being married to a pimp.”

Today, you’ll never find him in a suit that isn’t carefully tailored to fit him properly. Now well into his style evolution, Steve is always looking crisp in his suits, from the jacket to the hem of the pants.

Another essential is a bold color theme. Colors have been a part of Steve Harvey’s style since the ’90s. However, he started to phase them out as he moved away from standup and into being a TV host. Steve’s stylist, Elly Karamoh, wanted to bring this back and help him embrace this love of bold and bright colors. Even when Steve’s not wearing bright colors, he does a great job of sticking to a color theme.

These colors and bold twists in his outfits help to spice up his look and highlight Harvey’s fun side. Karamoh puts it better than anyone when he says that “No matter what age you are, you still have that young kid inside you.” We can see Steve's vibrant, joyful energy anytime he takes the stage. Fortunately for us, we see it in his fashion sense too.

Then, of course, the number one signature of the Steve Harvey style is his mustache. He has directly told his partner in fashion, Karamoh, that everything has to work around the mustache. Shaving the mustache is out of the question for Steve, so it is always part of the fit — no matter what. 

What Are Some of Steve Harvey’s Best Outfits?

Making a list of Steve Harvey’s best outfits isn’t easy, as it seems like he’s turning heads every day. Still, several outfits have left him trending on social media longer than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best outfits that Steve has been able to pull off. 

The Suit With a Twist

Many of Steve’s suits are loud enough to speak for themselves, but the real beauty is in the added details. Often Steve will make a statement with his suit and have an extra unique twist to really tie it all together.

One suit that got people talking was his Canadian tuxedo with suede boots. When you squint, it looks like just any suit, but once you get closer, you realize the twist is that everything is denim! He added the YSL suede boots for an added twist to provide an appealing contrast.

The added twist has become a key part of his style. You’ll see him pull off plenty of unique styles, whether it’s a floral print on his jacket, shiny gold pants, or contrasting shoes.

Layers for Days

One of the Steve Harvey specials is the full suit with a vest. He has moved away from that vest style in recent years, but his layers but you will almost always see him rocking a sportscoat or suit jacket. 

If it’s not a completely matching suit, you might see a leather jacket layered with a turtleneck or a suit jacket layered on top of a complementary dress shirt. The layers in his outfits are more than just a way to keep him warm but provide an essential element in his overall outfit.

One example is this outfit styled by Karamoh, featuring a suede Berluti jacket layered over a black turtleneck and Bottega Veneta leather pants. The bold blue jacket helps tie the whole outfit together and stands out in any space, all while making Mr. Harvey look ten years younger. 

A Pop of Color

We all know Steve can brighten up anyone’s day with his unmatched positivity and motivational wisdom, but he can do the same with his suits too. Some people thrive with neutral colors that are easy on the eyes — not Steve. 

You can find him boasting some of the brightest colors you’ve ever seen on clothing, and you’ll be impressed from the first glance alone. If it’s not the full suit, it might be a colorful pocket square or a blazer with colorful accents.

One of the best and most eye-catching examples is the pink suit that he rocked while hosting Family Feud. You’d see this suit from a mile away, which perfectly fits Steve’s bright energy. 

Mix and Match Textures

When it comes to fashion, Steve Harvey is not afraid to go against the grain — or the plaid or the pinstripes. You can often find him mixing up solid colors with different prints and textures. Yet somehow, the mixed-matched look always ties perfectly together.

One example of him pulling off the mix-and-match style is this fit, with a uniquely patterned jacket and a solid white dress shirt underneath. You wouldn’t exactly choose these two garments to go together from the store, but Mr. Harvey makes it work. By blending the right elements, he is able to take on a look that stands out without looking out of place.

Monochrome Magic

Steve Harvey is all about finding and sticking to a color that works. Why worry about complementary colors when just one can do the trick? Denim-on-denim, all-pink, all-emerald green, you name it. Steve Harvey is the king of pulling off the monochromatic look. 

His emerald green suit was one of the monochromatic packages that left people talking. This outfit featured a green topcoat, green dress shirt, green tie, and a pair of slightly darker green pants, all tied together with a classy pair of reddish brown shoes. 

Leather, Leather, Leather

Leather is a sign of power and boldness, so you can imagine that Steve Harvey can pull off the leather look. One of his most iconic outfits was his all-leather suit that he wore back on his show “Steve on Watch.” This bold Dolce & Gabbana suit featured black leather pants, a black jacket, and shiny black shoes to tie it all together.

Even when he’s not donning the all-leather look, you will often find him in a leather jacket in his more casual interviews.

Style All the Way: The Bottom Line

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